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Antique Gold Watch Fob Chain

Antique Gold Watch Fob Chain

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 This chain is such a find!

Antique watch fobs are one of my favorite things. Back before the invention of the wristwatch (pre WW1) people used pocketwatches to keep time.  In order to secure the watch to their person and make it easy to check, they used fob chains.  One end of the chain attached to the watch with a fishhook clasp.  The other end was weighted by a fashionable counterweight, usually a charm or gem that went into a different pocket. 

This antique fob chain is a little longer than most I’ve seen measuring 13” and is crafted from 14k yellow gold.  The one end has a fishhook clasp which was the end the attached to the watch and a spring ring on the other end to attached to the charm.

A little too small to be worn as a necklace on it's own, this gorgeous fob could be paired with another chain for a classic look, or worn wrapped around the wrist as a repurposed bracelet.

14k yellow gold
Weight: 8.65gr
Length: 13"


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