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Bronzeville Estate Jewelry

Antique Sterling Silver Matchbook Holder

Antique Sterling Silver Matchbook Holder

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How cool is this little pendant? I wasn’t sure what it was used for when I first saw it, but once I saw the bottom, it clicked, it’s a matchstick holder!
Crafted from sterling silver this treasure was carved by hand from sterling silver and has a hinged opening.

The bottom has a serrated texture, perfect for lighting the matches it's holding.

From the hallmarks on the silver, I am gathering it was made in Chester, England and the letter appears to be from 1907 (see picture).
Perfect to be worn on a chain as a standout pendant, or perhaps given to a groom/groomsmen as a unique gift for a wedding.

Sterling silver
Length: 1 3/4"
Width: 1 1/4"
Weight: 14g

Comes in my branded box with padding.

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