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Handmade Mixed Metal Athena Owl Necklace

Handmade Mixed Metal Athena Owl Necklace

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The goddess Athena has always been my favorite as she was a warrior and the goddess of wisdom. She aided heroes in their quests and was the patron of the city of Athens. In other words, the original bada$$.

This necklace features Athena's wise owl along with an olive branch over his head, and the AOE lettering which stands for AOENAION or ‘of the Athenians’.

The pendant is .999 pure silver made from precious metal clay and the owl has been covered in 14kt gold leaf. I have darkened the pendant in order to make the details stand out. The chain is sterling silver with a sterling spring ring clasp.

Channel your inner Athena.

Please note that this is not the exact piece you will receive as these are made to order and the colors will vary.

Pure silver charm with 24kt gold leaf
Darkened sterling silver chain and clasp
Chain measures 18”

Your purchase will come in my branded box

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