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Vintage Bon Bon Spoon Conversion Necklace - H45

Vintage Bon Bon Spoon Conversion Necklace - H45

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Of all the flatware that has been made, I find the most intriguing piece is the bon bon spoon (or nut spoon).  These gorgeous, intricate utensils were literally made to hold a single bon bon for dessert.  They tend to be the fanciest of the entire set of silverware.

Because I can't resist a piece this beautiful, I had to make it into something wearable.  This particular spoon is sterling silver and was made by Gorham, but the only name I could find for this lovely patter was "H45'. 

The bowl of this spoon is all crafted by hand and is pierced (sawed) out in little teardrop shaped patterns.  The edges of flowery texture have been crafted in repousse-which is where the pattern you see is created by hammering or pressing from the reverse side of the piece.  The edges are fluted and the details of the flower and leaf at the top are just the icing on the cake.

I drilled a hole, added a jump ring and hung it on an 20" sterling silver elongated box chain.

There is a matching ring that I crafted from the handle-see pic!

Sterling silver
Converted bon bon spoon
Gorham pattern H-45
Elongated box chain measures 20" long
Pendant measures 2 1/2" long x 2 1/2" wide

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