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Vintage Bon Bon Spoon Conversion Necklace - Chippendale

Vintage Bon Bon Spoon Conversion Necklace - Chippendale

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Of all the flatware that has been made, I find the most intriguing piece is the bon bon spoon (or nut spoon).  These gorgeous, intricate utensils were literally made to hold a single bon bon for dessert.  They tend to be the fanciest of the entire set of silverware.

Because I can't resist something this beautiful, I had to make it into something wearable.  This particular spoon is sterling silver and was made by Lunt and the pattern is 'Chippendale'. 

The bowl of this piece is a classic art nouveau style and was hand pierced (sawed) to achieve this look.  For the amount of silver, this spoon is so dainty in appearance, and light in weight,

I drilled a hole, added a jump ring and hung it on an 18" sterling silver textured curb  chain.

There's also a matching ring in a separate listing crafted from the handle, please see the pics!

Sterling silver
Converted bon bon spoon
Gorham pattern H-45
Elongated box chain measures 20" long
Pendant measures 2 1/2" long x 2 1/2" wide

Your purchase will arrive in my branded box

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