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Vintage Mason Ball Pendant

Vintage Mason Ball Pendant

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The Freemason's are one of the oldest Fraternal organizations in the world.  While there is a lot of mystery and speculation around them, they claim to, "Share a belief in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of mankind. Freemasonry offers a system or blueprint for the good man to further improve his character and actions through its system of degrees, symbols, and fellowship opportunities."

Freemasons tend to utilize a number of symbols to represent their beliefs and they also reflect these symbols in their jewelry,

I stumbled across this amazing Mason's ball pendant and found it fascinating, I had never seen anything like it.  From its closed position it looks like a round gold ball pendant, but once the 4 latches are undone, it opens up into a cross covered in symbolism.  I can't be sure, but I wonder if the owner of this Masons ball carved these in himself, choosing ones that were the most meaningful.

I was able to find information on some of these symbols from the Grand Lodge of Ohio website...

Plumb and Level: In stonemasonry, the plumb and level ensure surfaces are vertically and horizontally flush. For today’s Freemasons, the plumb is a symbol of justice, rectitude, and the importance of living in an upright manner, while the level is a reminder that all men arequal. You may have heard the phrase, “To meet on the level and part on the square.” That’s where it comes from

Square and Compass: The Masonic square and compass is probably the most common symbol in Masonry, used to represent Freemasons and Masonic lodges around the world. Ancient stonemasons used the tools to create 90-degree angles and test the accuracy of their stones. In “speculative” Masonry, the square is an emblem of morality. The compass represents the relationship between the individual and society.

Skull: The skull is simply a symbol of death. It serves as a reminder to Freemasons that our time in this life is limited and we should strive to improve ourselves as much as possible and to practice charity (kindness to others) as much as possible

The Blazing Star: Has been said to represent many things. It has been considered a sign of God’s divine providence, the life-giving Sun, and as a guiding light to direct all Masons in thought and action. Like most symbols in Masonry, The Blazing Star has a long and storied history. There is no single correct definition of its meaning, but instead, all its applications can equally inspire Masons as they push ever deeper into their quest for more light.

If you are looking for a really unique piece of jewelry, this is it!

9k rose/yellow gold and 925 sterling silver 
Weight: 9.9 grams
Masonic symbols

Will arrive in my branded box

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